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South America

  • Rio De Janeiro's Winners Parade 2019_GT-2239321

    5 nights from R 17 840

    WINNERS PARADE Seven schools parade on the Saturday of Winners, which is the first Saturday after Carnival: Champion and Vice-champion of Access Group A, fifth, fourth, third place of Special Group, Champion and vice-Champion of the Special

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  • Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 2019 _ GT-2238819

    5 nights from R 20 240

    Carnival is a genuine national celebration, which for the Brazilians is more important than Christmas, New Years and Easter rolled into one, is a celebration that has become the big draw for the tourism industry. More than

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  • Inca Sunrise - GT-2318418

    7 nights from R 26 420

    The Inca Empire existed only for a century, but in that short time it left a patrimonial legacy that has turned Peru into one of the richest countries in the Americas. During eight days you will visit

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